BW Maritime


Diversity and Talent Management

We encourage diversity in our workforce, reflecting the global nature of our business. We recognise that diversity can help to drive improved performance and business success.

We recognise that the success of BW rests with each employee’s ability to provide the necessary skills and confidence within the team, and our training is tailored to suit individual needs and career aspirations. We offer a wide range of learning opportunities at BW, including:
  • Technical programmes to ensure employees develop and maintain the skills required for their role
  • Soft skills training to assist with people management, time management and effective communication
  • Shore and vessel attachments to provide opportunities for employees to work on board a ship or ashore for a short period of time
  • Leadership development courses to equip staff with the necessary skills needed in their roles
  • Education assistance programmes to provide employees with the opportunity to equip themselves with additional knowledge relevant to their job

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