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BW Fleet Management (BWFM) is BW Group’s internal provider of ship management and newbuilding services. BWFM has an experienced team managing a diverse fleet of tankers and gas vessels engaged in global trade. BWFM also has a dedicated team overseeing newbuilding projects from the design phase to delivery and are actively involved in various projects aimed at improving performance or developing the business; as well as a global team providing oversight on fleet-wide matters such as security, technology and procurement. We believe our commitment to delivering safe, responsive and transparent services is reflected in the volume of repeat business generated from leading oil companies and traders.

To support BW's purpose of applying its maritime expertise to bring energy to the world, BWFM has as its purpose to:

  • Provide a safe working environment for all our employees and contractors
  • Take care of asset values and minimise risk
  • Control resources
  • Apply BWFM standards to meet the needs of our customers
  • Recruit, develop and retain highly effective maritime professionals
  • Provide maritime expertise to support new business opportunities

BWFM is structured in a way which ensures that we deliver on our promises. BWFM has an experienced team of people with a track record of safe and quality service which meets even the most stringent of standards. The company ensure that the technical competence of our crew and shore staff are developed to keep ahead of the market and new technological breakthroughs. Our management approach is characterised by an emphasis on close interaction between shore and seafaring personnel. Ship/shore relations are also enhanced by onboard visits and office secondment opportunities for senior officers. We frequently recruit office personnel from our experienced seafarers both for permanent positions, and specific projects and site teams.

For enquiries, please contact:

Name Title Telephone
Ashok Krishnan Head of Fleet Management, LNG +47 6721 1777
Knut-Helge Knutsen Head of Fleet, LPG +47 6721 1642
Geoff Pearson Head of Fleet, Security +65 6434 5880
Øyvind Solem Head of Newbuilding and Projects +47 6721 1682
Dennis Hansen Head of Global Manning +65 6705 5442
Ivar Wilhelmsen Head of HSEQ & DPA, LPG & LNG +47 6721 1696
Tor-Egil Gjulem Head of Global Procurement +47 6721 1641
Helge Drange Head of Marine, Vetting & Security, LPG & LNG +47 6721 1639

Zero Harm

Zero Harm

Our employees are the foundation of our business. Safety of our people will always be a priority in any decision. This is our company policy, and our way of doing business.

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Supplying to BW Fleet Management

Supplying to BW Fleet Management

BWFM has a centralised Global Procurement function looking after relevant agreements for local and global procurement in order to utilise the entire volume and make sure we have the most cost effective agreements in place at all times. Read on for more information on BWFM standard terms and conditions.

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