BW Maritime

Fast track LNG FSU project in Mejillones, Chile

From 2010 to early 2014, BW managed and operated a fast track LNG Floating Storage Unit (FSU) project in Mejillones, Chile, with our 162,400 cbm LNG carrier BW GDF SUEZ Brussels.  

BW was responsible for the manning, operation, and maintenance of the FSU. The FSU was permanently moored to a purpose-built jetty and supplied LNG to a land-based regasification plant through permanently connected Chiksan arms. LNG was supplied to the FSU from LNG shuttle tankers. The LNG transfer was carried out across the jetty through a permanently fixed piping system.

The FSU arrived in Mejillones, Chile in February 2010 and began send-out operations in April 2010. Send-out from the FSU was interruption-free since start-up and for the entire duration of the project. The FSU was designed for a maximum send-out rate of 600 m3/hr LNG, which equated to an annual output of 2.2 Mtpa. 

BW was responsible for the project management, construction supervision and the delivery of the FSU from the construction site in South Korea. BW was also responsible for delivering the FSU to the Terminal Site in Mejillones, Chile, and supporting the land based plant in the commissioning of the onshore piping system and the regasification plant.