About BW Energy Storage Systems

BW Energy Storage Systems (BW ESS) is a leading investor in the battery energy storage systems (BESS) space, with a significant portfolio of projects in the United Kingdom, and an investment focus that also spans Europe, Australia, and the United States.

In the UK, we have invested in and partnered with Penso Power, one of the country’s leading greenfield BESS developers. Together, we will be deploying over 1 GWh of BESS within the next few years, with an additional pipeline of more than 1 GWh.

BW ESS benefits from BW Group’s decades-long track record as an energy infrastructure investor, and its significant investment in the world’s leading provider of batteries for the maritime space, Corvus Energy.

Why Energy Storage

Energy Storage is a crucial enabler for the energy transition as the world’s electricity systems move away from baseload coal and gas to intermittent solar and wind. The ability to store energy allows us to bridge the gap from when renewable energy is generated to when it is needed. In addition to energy shifting, batteries are also highly efficient at supporting the grid during times of stress, thus enhancing frequency control and general grid reliability.

At BW ESS we are technology agnostic, but will always choose proven and commercialised technologies as reliability is critical for our business. Currently, lithium-ion batteries stand out as the leading technology for shorter term storage and will be deployed on our projects.