Corvus Energy’s fuel cell project on track for launch of marine fuel cell in 2023

Corvus is spearheading a collaboration with several partners to develop and produce large-scale, modularized and cost-effective marine hydrogen fuel cell systems. The comprehensive initiative which is based on world leader Toyota’s fuel cell technology has a strict schedule that must be followed. So far everything is going according to plan and we are pleased to present the management team in charge of the development.

Photo: The management team for the marine fuel cell development project: From left: Erlend Vaktskjold – VP System Integration, Kristian Holmefjord – EVP & Project Director Fuel Cell Division, Svenn Kjetil Haveland, VP Development Projects and Thor Humerfelt – VP Product Architect.

“The project is on track and recruitment and organizational changes are well on their way and according to plan,” says Kristian Holmefjord, EVP & Project Director for Corvus’ fuel cell division. “We are very pleased to announce this experienced and highly competent management team. They will alongside me lead us to the launch of the marine fuel cell in 2023 together with a large division of technical engineers within all key disciplines”

Fuel Cell Management Team

Svenn Kjetil Haveland, Vice President Development Project

Svenn Kjetil brings 20 years of experience within management, including several operational and organizational positions at Siemens and as Managing Director for engineering businesses within Head Energy. In our fuel cell development, he holds the responsibility of project management, ensuring that the development progress according to time, cost and quality targets.

Erlend Vaktskjold, Vice President System Integration

Erlend brings 20 years of marine experience from Bergen Engines and Framo with expertise in automation and controls. In our fuel cell development, he holds the responsibility of our software, controls and system integration aspects, ensuring that our fuel cell products are designed to be controllable, operated safely and support our digital environment development.

Thor Humerfelt, Senior Vice President Product Architect

Thor brings 24 years of marine experience from Bergen Engines both in driving the gas-fueled engine designs and managing the R&D and Application Engineering departments in Bergen Engines. In our fuel cell development, he holds the responsibility of our mechanical design aspects and future manufacturing, ensuring that our fuel cell products are designed safe and manufacturable.

Fuel Cell and battery is the perfect combination

CEO in Corvus Energy, Geir Bjorkeli sees hydrogen as an major part of Corvus Energy’s future growth:

“Interest in hydrogen for maritime applications is increasing rapidly, with hydrogen power seen as an important step to reach shipping’s ambitious goal to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2050. Fuel cells and battery is the perfect combination. We believe that adding fuel cells to our portfolio of ESS and offering this as a complete system to our customers adds great value.”

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We are expanding rapidly in our marine fuel cell and battery businesses and every geographic market. Right now we are hiring in our operations in Norway and Canada as well as opening a new office in Tokyo. Watch our Careers page for many exciting career opportunities.