Corvus Energy is the world’s leading supplier of
energy storage solutions for the maritime industry.

About Corvus Energy

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Corvus Energy is the world’s leading supplier of safe, innovative and reliable energy storage solutions for all segments in the maritime industry.

Founded in 2009, Corvus provides purpose-engineered energy storage solutions for marine, oil & gas and port applications. By being the first company to provide a maritime battery with the needed capacity, lowered cost and high safety level, Corvus Energy became pioneers in maritime energy storage systems (ESS) for almost every vessel type. Corvus now has the largest installed base of ESS, with the largest number of projects completed in the maritime industry.

A Corvus ESS assists with regulatory compliance and emission control area (ECA) limits and provides immediate benefits with a rapid return on investment. More than 90% of large commercial hybrid vessels utilize a Corvus Energy ESS. Custom developed mechanical and electrical design combined with state-of-the-art battery management systems, provides Corvus customers not only with lower maintenance costs but also reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

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