BW Ideol is a leader in floating
foundations for offshore wind.


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BW Ideol is a leader in floating foundations for offshore wind, enabling access to deeper water and the additional space and wind power associated with that.

In February 2021, BW Offshore became a strategic owner of Ideol S.A., creating a renewable energy company (named BW Ideol) with market-leading capabilities based on proven technology developed in-house.

BW Ideol is a leading fully integrated platform in floating offshore wind with more than 10 years of experience from design, execution and development of floating wind projects based on Ideol S.A.’s patented floating offshore wind technology and engineering capabilities. The company has a dual-leg growth strategy as a floater EPCI and maintenance services provider, and as a wind-farm project developer and co-owner. BW Ideol has two full-scale offshore floating wind turbines in operation in France and Japan, a significant project pipeline, and is supported by BW Offshore’s extensive experience from developing and operating offshore energy production systems.

BW Ideol listed in Oslo in March 2021 and BW Offshore owns 51%.

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