Sustainable Workplace

We are committed to a healthy and diverse workplace.

BW’s employees are central to our mission and vision to be Best on Water. By creating a healthy and diverse workplace onshore and at sea, BW builds a culture of innovation, high performance, and Zero Harm.

BW Wellness Programme

The BW Wellness Programme’s philosophy is to create a cultural change across the organisation that continually supports seafarers’ holistic well-being instead of focusing on single events.

Holistic well-being means:

  • Physical well-being (where your body is cared for to achieve optimum performance),
  • Mental well-being (educating oneself and challenging the mind to learn more)
  • Social well-being (connecting well with others)

The Programme celebrates small wins, which can be accomplished with reasonable effort. These positive feelings of success then engender a virtuous cycle of being well at sea. It is all encouraged through an incentive system that rewards activities in any of these domains with vouchers that each seafarer can use to make purchases on the world’s most common e-commerce platforms.

The Programme is easily accessible for anyone with internet and a phone. After keying in their individual health data (e.g. age, weight, blood pressure), crew members can focus quickly on their areas of interest such as fitness, nutrition, wellness, and education. For example, the Programme may suggest meal plans for crew members, remind them to exercise to burn off excess calories, ask them to plan a game to bond with colleagues or encourage them to improve their mental health through mindfulness exercises.

Diversity and Inclusion

BW embraces differences that make our employees unique

BW is committed to diversity and inclusion. The collective sum of individual differences, life experiences, knowledge, unique capabilities, and talent that our employees invest in their work represents a significant part of our culture.

Currently, BW has employees aged 18 to 67 years old from over 60 nationalities, forming a multigenerational and international team. We support the development of our employees throughout their BW journey, and we’re proud that so many of our people choose to remain at BW for a long time.

Gender Diversity

Due to traditional preferences and biases, there are a very small number of female seafarers. Nevertheless, we strive to achieve around 50% female employees in our onshore offices and we have succeeded in attaining this goal in most offices. In addition to hiring more female talents, we continue to actively take steps to promote greater inclusion of women in the industry, through initiatives such as the Women in Maritime Lab.

Women in Maritime Lab

Led by Hafnia, BW Group partnered with Shell in 2020 to run a first-of-its-kind innovation programme to scout innovative ideas from people of all genders on the challenges faced by women in the maritime industry. Teams submitted their ideas online before being shortlisted to participate in a virtual innovation sprint. The best ideas then received an award, together with funding opportunities to conduct a POC (proof of concept) of their ideas in the organising companies.

In preparation for this programme, we interviewed several key leaders in the maritime industry and sent surveys to employees of all genders in the global maritime industry. The challenges faced by women in maritime vary across companies and geographies, but we noticed some common industry-wide issues to be worked on.

The Launch of SeaCode

The Women In Maritime – Labs programme has selected “SeaCode” as the winning team, comprising of seafarers from Turkey and on-shore staff from Shell. Their ambition was to build a digital anti-harassment solution for all employees in maritime and to scale it independently of Hafnia, BW LNG or Shell. We are pleased to announce the launch of, a platform that we have created in collaboration with our winning team and an early-stage start-up ‘Ivory’.

SeaCode is an online platform for people in the maritime industry facing difficult situations at work (on-shore & off-shore), such as harassment, discrimination, and mental health struggles. It enables people to share their stories in order to shine a light on the problems they and other people experience. By sharing their stories, they help to enact changes and enable industry leaders to take action against unacceptable workplace behaviours. Visitors can also read other people’s stories and offer them support. Finally, all visitors can access resources to learn more about these challenges, and there is a list of organisations to reach out to if anyone needs assistance.

Check out the website here:

Local recruitment and training

Regardless of the country BW works in, training and integration is key to a sustainable pool of local seafarers. Having gathered significant experience over the years, we now have an extensive recruitment and training process for ratings (seafarers who support officers).

Familiarising seafarers with BW and shipping culture is also a priority. For example, in Nigeria, we set up the BW Crew Integration Program to bridge cultural and language differences and develop positive relationships across people of different ranks.

Beyond providing job opportunities for locals in the areas where we do business, BW has set up the BW Group Cadet program to develop our own in-house talent around the world. Having this talent pool ensures a steady supply of officers to all our managed vessels. Cadets selected from ratings and maritime academies are fully sponsored by BW to pursue their maritime university studies.

Cadets selected from ratings and maritime academies are fully sponsored by BW to pursue their maritime university studies. Over the years, BW has developed more than 1500 cadets from the Philippines, India, China, Nigeria, Russia, Romania and other countries. 527 of them currently sail as BW Officers today.