BW Water aims to protect the world's most vital resource by supplying water and wastewater systems for the industrial, municipal marketplace

About BW Water

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BW Water is a leading supplier of water and wastewater systems for the industrial, municipal marketplace established in 2017.

BW Water’s experienced team coupled with a range of technologies help improve the environment by protecting the world’s most essential natural resource – Water.

BW Water has a strong pedigree and vast experience in the realization of water and wastewater treatment systems. Its strong engineering capabilities coupled with sourcing and in-house manufacturing enables BW Water to provide high-value solutions.

We strive to create effective and efficient solutions that are low in energy consumption, chemical consumption and space requirement in order to bring a positive impact to the environment.

In October 2021, BioGill joined the BW Water Water Group. BioGill’s headquarter is in Sydney, Australia, with sales offices in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) and Shanghai, China.

BioGill brings together the power of science and nature, to improve the onsite treatment of wastewater. They manufacture above ground, attached growth bioreactors that deliver “affordable wastewater treatment.”

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