Celebrating the women of BW LNG

Happy International Day for Women in Maritime!

The IMO Assembly has adopted a resolution proclaiming an International Day for Women in Maritime, to be observed on 18 May every year. The observance is intended to raise the profile of women in maritime and support work to address the current gender imbalance in maritime. 

Across BW Group, we are committed to cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion. At BW LNG, we have many capable women who hold important positions. Their individual differences, life experiences, and unique capabilities have been indispensable to maintaining our track records and outstanding progress.

Today, we shine the spotlight on some of the amazing women of BW LNG as they share what they are most proud of in their work.

To all the talented women working tirelessly across the maritime industry: thank you for your vital contributions!

Yngvil Åsheim, Managing Director BW LNG

“I thrive from creating results together with others. Developing new business, running a vessel or terminal, delivering over and above a customer’s expectation. When magic happens, it is always a team of hard-working colleagues behind it. If I am forced to highlight one moment, it is probably when we won a tender for an FSRU where I know we were not the lowest in price, but where the combined effort from the team convinced the customer that we offered the best long term, sustainable solution.”

Sophie Smith, Chief HR Officer

“I am proud to work for BW, a company that is leading the way in enabling a low-carbon future for energy. I’m proud of the investments we are making in renewable energy sources and new technologies. Most of all, I’m proud to work with bright, collaborative, and passionate people who deeply care about the impact they have on the world around them.”

Sarah Soon Arnhus, Assistant Regional Head Europe and Africa, Gas Solution EU/AF

“What motivates me at work everyday is the impact that BW LNG is making on the world. We help to empower energy security in countries who need it, and make sure that people are able to switch on their lights and keep warm in cold winter days. For example, did you know that our FSRU, BW Tatiana, regasifies gas to provide electricity to one-third of El Salvador?”

Grace Keoy, Assistant Manager, Group Treasury

“It has been 5 years since I first joined BW out of university and I am proud to have grown professionally in the corporate finance and treasury roles that I have undertaken. It brings me great joy knowing that I have contributed to the successful financing of our LNG/FSRU vessels and building of BW LNG’s strong cash flows.”

Deborah Grace Kitong, 2nd Officer, Berge Arzew

“Working as a Female officer in a male dominated world is one of the thing that I am proud of.
It makes me more committed, proactive and resilient that also help me to grown as individual.”

Ikram Allalta, 4th Engineer, Berge Arzew

“Men have always been the predominant gender in seafaring; It has been only in the last decades that women have emerged as an important element, which is a big challenge. We often experience problems in being initially accepted, so we need to prove ourselves. Being a seafarer taught me that success is built on the foundation of courage, hard work and individual responsibility and not on fear. I am a seafarer and I am proud.”

Lasma Madara Bedikere, Deck Cadet, Berge Arzew

“While on board I am the most proud of how far I have already grown professionally. That I am able to take charge and responsibility of navigation, cargo operations, mooring operations and so on. Proud to learn something every single day.”

Jelyn Rama, 3rd Engineer, BW Boston

“My job at sea has its own negative and positive aspects but it has been the positive ones I reflect upon. Coming out of my comfort zone and not letting anyone tell me I can’t do something because I am a woman is what I am most proud of.”

Lynibeth Perez, 2nd Officer, BW BRUSSELS

“To all women who are part of maritime industy, we can be an advocate and a sounding bar for other women in this male-dominated industry. If we can overcome the challenges we are facing now, we can build each other up, celebrate our achievements, and share our stories to empower one another.”

Paula Franchesca Lardizabal, 2nd Cook,  BW Helios

“Transferring from cruiseship now in tanker vessel is one really quite tough for me at first, adjusting myself to a workplace dominated by mostly man. But I can say im really proud of my job since most of my colleagues in the galley are male, I make it a point to stand out even though for them I am just a female, here I am proud to say that I learned a lot from this male dominated workplace, and prove that even a female can stand out and cope in a male dominated workplace. 🙂 “

Daisy Barbero, 3rd Engineer, FSRU BW Integrity

“Being a woman working in maritime industry, I am proud to be part of the society that runs the global economy. It is tough being seafarer but one that I am enjoying as well. Doing a job that many people would find way too challenging is a great pride.”

Bhavana Ramraje, Deck Cadet, BW Lesmes

“There are many things that make me proud of my work, but something that stands out the most is the company itself, which has always made me feel safe at work. The efforts company puts in for their employees are simply unprecedented and I believe in them wholeheartedly. The best part of this job is working with people from different cultures, it is an amazing experience for me!!”

Livia Oliveira Paes,  Steward, FRSU BW Magna

“The power of imagination makes us infinite…Luck is not in your hands, but decision is in your hand. Your decision can make luck, but luck can’t make your decision. So always trust…yourself!”

Megha Shivaprakash, Junior Officer Engine, BW Pavilion Aranda 

“As a junior engineer, I’m most proud of working here in the challenging work environment we face every single day which gives you the opportunity to grow mentally and physically; dealing with new problems and finding solutions; And working shoulder to shoulder with men showing working at sea is not always about the muscle.”

Nicolette Maxine Opon, 2nd Officer, FRSU BW Tatiana

“What I am proud of my work is the working environment itself. Being surrounded with supportive and encouraging co-workers made my work so rewarding. It drives me to perform my work better and better every single day.”

Andrea Federico, 2nd Cook, FRSU BW Tatiana

“As a 2nd Cook here onboard BW Tatiana I got a chance to cook for different nationalities widening my knowledge on different cuisines on a daily basis. Having to serve their comfort food after a busy day is probably the most rewarding thing for me since this ship is our home away from home, I got a chance to provide them a nice hearty meal everyday.”

Garima Prasad

“Every time when I successfully troubleshoot anything, the satisfaction I get is the only feeling I work for. The thing that I’m proud about this profession is that every single inch of the ship and every single step of my work has a reason behind of it’s existence.

I’m still undergoing my college traing and I have been selected as Junior Engineer by BW LNG. I’m working enhance my skills and knowledge to honour BW’s white boiler suit.”