BW LNG Introduces new Maternity Leave Policy for female Seafarers

BW LNG, is pleased to share the new BW Fleet Management Maternity Leave Policy, providing valuable support for female seafarers with 6 months’ paid maternity leave and enhanced medical coverage. This stems from our continuous review of workplace policies and benefits. We are committed to supporting our female seafarers in their personal and professional journeys.

– Female seafarers will receive 6 months’ wages, equivalent to their basic wages, ensuring financial stability during their maternity leave. Cadets (Deck, Engine, Electro) will be entitled to full wages for the entire six-month period.

– Enhanced safety measures will be in place, including a doctor’s appointment at the next port of call to confirm pregnancy, prioritising the well-being of female seafarers.

– Repatriation will be arranged at the first safe port, ensuring access to necessary medical care and support, with the latest possible repatriation by the 26th week of pregnancy.

– Contractual basic pay will continue after disembarkation for the rest of the contract duration, providing financial stability for female seafarers and their families.

–  In the case of a miscarriage, female seafarers will be entitled to three months’ of basic wages to provide financial stability.

This marks a significant milestone in BW LNG’s commitment to foster greater inclusivity and a more family-friendly workplace, both at sea and onshore.