Hafnia at Singapore Maritime Week 2023

Hafnia is pleased to have partnered with Singapore Maritime week across several speaking engagements and commended across a series of awards.

Hafnia CEO Mikael Skov was a guest speaker at the Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration Conference on the 26th of April to discuss Decarbonization and Digitalization. The panel discussed and debated the way in which corporates are transitioning towards newer mechanisms of doing business while aligning themselves with regulations to meet decarbonization targets. The panel offered insight into trends and initiatives, as well as foresight into the shipping industry of the future.

On the 27th of April, Mikael Skov was also interviewed by Channel News Asia during a live feature covering an update on the Maritime industry on the topics of creating a safe and inclusive environment for attracting talent onshore and at sea. During the interview, Mikael discusses shipping post Covid19, highlighting topics across diversity and seafarer welfare. The full interview can be seen here.

As Co-Chair of the All Aboard Alliance, Mikael Skov during Singapore Maritime week participated in the All Aboard Alliance Annual High-Level Meeting, reflecting on learnings from the last year and to the future. The Alliance published its first ever report from the Diversity@Sea workstream, featuring 15 key pain points identified through 115 interviews with women seafarers. The full study can be found here.

Ralph Juhl, EVP, Technical Director at Hafnia was a guest speaker at the American Bureau of Shipping Conference on the 25th of April on their panel entitled From Carbon Neutral to Zero Carbon – Exploring the value chains of Ammonia and Hydrogen. The panel acted as a platform for discussion and reflection of the development of safe and scalable zero carbon fuels in the maritime industry, specifically Ammonia and Hydrogen. The panel also addressed the global emissions targets and explored the level of readiness for these alternative fuel options, including their value chains, and the challenges and opportunities associated with the decarbonization of the maritime sectors infrastructure.

Ralph Juhl also participated at the Singapore Shiptek conference on the 26th of April on the panel entitled “Shipping toward 2030 – Challenges and Opportunities that lie ahead”.

Surajit Chanda, VP Technical of the Hafnia In-House fleet participated in Capital Links Forum on the panel “Focusing on the human factor – optimizing the recruitment, training, retention and well-being of seafarers. The panel discussed an overview of the changing landscape in crewing, focusing on the strategies of leading shipping companies in optimizing processes with the implementation of proper policies as part of the overall ESG focus.

During the Capital Link Forum, Andreas Sohmen-Pao, Chairman of Hafnia and of BW Group led the keynote discussion on “Shipping- the road ahead”.

Shuzhen Pay, GM – Head of Corporate Finance and Treasury spoke at Singapore Maritimes Maritime Services Leaders Forum on the 27th of April on the panel entitled “The Current State of Green Financial Markets for Shipping. The discussion shed light on the importance of regulatory developments, incentives, and public perception in attracting capital for a green shift in the industry. During the panel Shuzhen discussed further leverage on green or sustainable financing to support Hafnia’s decarbonization efforts and ESG strategy.

Clint Bout, GM, Head of Marine at Hafnia was a panel speaker on the 26th of April at the International Chemical and Oil pollution conference and exhibition. Clint led the discussion on Fleet chemical spill contingencies where he shared insights on training practices and challenges in the field of spill response. Further topics included the development of resources and skills of managers and operators mobilized in the event of a chemical spill.

Shanker Pillai, Head of Innovations and Change also held an interactive session on the 25th of April as part of the Singapore Maritime Week, on the topic of “Innovation Gets Real”, breaking down and demystifying the buzzword of innovation and how best to strike a balance between innovation and organizational control, and on the tools to create industry impact.

Wrapping up Singapore Maritime week 2023, Hafnia is proud to have been awarded the Maritime SG LowCarbon540 Award at the Accelerating Decarbonization conference on the 27th of April. This is awarded to the top companies that have contributed significantly to carbon accounting and emissions reductions efforts in the maritime industry. It was introduced by the Singapore Maritime Port Authority as part of the Maritime Singapore Green Initiative’s Green Awareness Program to recognize companies’ contributions to emission reduction.

On the same day, Hafnia was awarded the Project Innovation Award at the Shiptek Awards for its Maritime Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Lab.

Hafnia is pleased to have had strong representation across Singapore Maritime Week 2023 – the most prominent maritime conference In Singapore gathering leadership across Singapore’s Maritime community. Within the framework of the event, we are proud to be recognized as a forward-thinking shipping platform for our progress in important topics across national news, insight driven panels and award recognitions.