Hafnia: Dorte Thuesen Christensen Appointed to Danish Shipping’s Business Committee and Board of Nordisk Defence Club

Hafnia is pleased to announce that during June 2023, Dorte Thuesen Christensen, VP, Operations & Claims at Hafnia has joined Danish Shipping’s Business Committee, as well as the Board of Directors at the Nordisk Defence Club.

Taking over from Anders Engholm, EVP (Pool Management) (since retired), as of the 1st of June 2023, Dorte joins Danish Shipping’s Business Committee which deals with general business framework conditions and further provides commercial perspectives on the various issues dealt with in the specialist committees.

Danish Shipping looks after the interests of the maritime industry, and it functions as an employers’ association for its members. Danish Shipping plays an active role in relation to authorities and decision-makers both in Denmark and internationally. The members of the Business Committee are employees from the Danish shipping industry at large, who sit with expert knowledge collectively covering all corners of the industry.

The Nordisk Defence Club (Nordisk Skibsrederforening) was founded in 1889, and it is a freight, demurrage and defence club (FD&D) that provides FD&D coverage, as well as functioning as a maritime law firm for its clients and members.

Congratulations to Dorte who has achieved these appointments through active industry involvement backed by her Maritime Law degree and studies at Copenhagen Business School from where she first completed an MBA and later their Executive Board education. As Global Head of Operations at Hafnia, managing a 200+ ship pooling operation, Dorte has over 21 years of experience throughout her various tenures in the shipping industry.

A huge congratulations to Dorte, and we wish her all the best in her new roles!