Hafnia Partners with Artificial Intelligence Partner SteelCorr to monitor Vessel Effective Paint Maintenance

Hafnia is pleased to announce the implementation of the SteelCorr Digital Paint Report (DPR) application on 57 of its ships to enhance paint maintenance and reporting.

The SteelCorr application uses Artificial Intelligence to allow Hafnia to collect and analyze data efficiently, improving remote oversight and data security.

Effective paint maintenance is crucial for preventing corrosion and minimizing downtime and material replacement. The use of DPR simplifies and automates reporting processes, reducing crew obligations, and added workload.

Moreover, Hafnia employs DPR’s Artificial Intelligence to monitor corrosion levels onboard, detecting, and alerting staff to increased corrosion in specific areas of the ship.

Mikkel Boesen, VP Head of the Technically Outsourced Fleet at Hafnia states “Digitalization simplifies complex tasks, optimizes performance, reduces costs, and maximizes resource utilization. It is great to further Hafnia’s innovation and digitalization ambitions to drive efficiencies across our operations.

The adoption of the DPR app furthermore aligns with Hafnia’s sustainability goals, as usage of the AI APP aims to reduce paint wastage, enhance transparency in data monitoring, and extend asset lifespans, and prioritizing at sea teams’ well-being. This commitment helps maintain essential parts of the vessel, such as oil pipelines and crew areas.