Hafnia: Studio 30 50 Opens New Cohort Application for Startups to Fast-Track Commercial Viability via Maritime

SINGAPORE, 7 NOV 2023 –  Studio  30  50, a MaritimeTech venture studio, has launched applications for its next cohort of startups and founders eyeing commercial scale in the maritime industry in 2024.

“The incoming tide of Studio 30 50’s next cohort is set to deliver a surge of opportunity for the right entrepreneurs. We saw this with our inaugural cohort who scored a first-class ticket to co-innovate with industry giants and the rare chance to pitch directly to a room of relevant corporate partners and investors. It’s a startup’s chance to break through maritime’s barriers of entry—access to data-rich environments for honing AI, IoT, or other tech applications, and rubbing shoulders with some of the prominent maritime experts who’ve seen and mentored dozens of startups. Studio 30 50 startups and founders exit our program not just with refined solutions or funding but also with the industry’s stamp of credibility, teed up for rapid scaling in a market that’s as vast as the oceans themselves,” said Shanker  Pillai,  Head of Studio 30 50 and Head of Innovation and Change Management at Hafnia.

Innovators across three startup stages are invited to apply for Studio 30 50’s next cohort:

  1. Solo entrepreneurs looking for co-founders to build MaritimeTech startups
  2. Tech startups looking for product-market fit in maritime
  3. Tech startups with a strong product-market fit pursuing scale and growth

More details on the application process can be found at https://www.studio3050.io/

Startups joining Studio 30 50’s next cohort are set to gain a significant advantage through intimate exposure to leading maritime corporates and investors to support venture development from initial idea to commercial viability and scale.

The venture studio offers startups hands-on mentorship and the invaluable chance to validate their technologies in real-industry settings, allowing for immediate feedback and swift iteration. This unique approach  not  only  helps  startups  tailor  their  offerings  to  the global market’s scale and industry requirements but also fast-tracks their journey to becoming viable, investment-ready ventures.

Building  on  the  impactful  collaborations  from  the  inaugural  cohort  with  Hafnia,  Microsoft, Wilhelmsen, IMC Ventures, DNV & Maritime Port Authority of Singapore, Studio 30 50 will once again bring together industry leaders in more numbers and various geographies to co-innovate with entrepreneurs.

Breaking into maritime is challenging for tech startups—it demands robust, tried-and-tested technologies and strong connections with established players to navigate the industry’s supply chain. However, innovators who successfully navigate these hurdles can harness the industry’s momentum for modernisation, creating a promising opportunity amid the evolving tech landscape.

Details of startup outcomes from Studio 30 50’s inaugural cohort have been appended here: Studio 30 50 opens new cohort application for startups to fast-track commercial viability via maritime