Hafnia and Mercuria join Forces in the Panamax Tanker Segment

Tanker company Hafnia (Hafnia Pools Pte. Ltd.) and energy and commodity trading group Mercuria (Mercuria Shipping Sarl) are pleased to introduce a new “Hafnia Panamax Pool” to commercially operate Panamax Tankers together from their respective US, Europe, and Far East offices.

In a joint effort, Hafnia and Mercuria are setting out to service the industry by initially committing ten vessels with an average age of 13 years to bridge the gap across a rapidly aging segment. Both Hafnia and Mercuria are dedicated to the success and continued growth of this new collaboration.

This partnership will launch in March 2024 and aims to capitalize on the extensive expertise and resources of Hafnia and Mercuria, striving to deliver operational and commercial excellence, efficiency, and customer service within the Panamax tanker segment. The companies will draw on their well-established combined strengths through this strategic alliance and seize the opportunities in a dynamic global shipping industry.

“With this venture, we look forward to leveraging our combined expertise, and are confident that customers and partners will see immediate and obvious advantages,” said Søren Skibdal Winther, Vice President, Commercial – at Hafnia.

Larry Johnson, Global Head of Freight and Shipping at Mercuria adds, “As Charterers ourselves, we have noticed a deficit of modern tonnage in this segment, and we are delighted to team up with industry-leading tanker owner and pool operator Hafnia in our efforts to service this need.”