BW Magna: Supporting Brazil’s energy security

22 March 2024 – BW LNG is delighted to play a role in Brazil’s energy security with our FSRU BW Magna supplying regasified LNG to Gás Natural Açu (GNA)’s GNA 1 power plant. BW Magna is one of four FSRUs in BW LNG’s fleet of 32 vessels, currently serving a 23-year charter in Brazil.

GNA is Latin America’s biggest LNG to power project, with two thermal plants GNA 1 and GNA 2. Preparation is underway for the commissioning of GNA 2. Both plants generate enough power to serve up to 14 million homes, by ensuring a reliable and sustainable electricity supply for Brazil. The plants serve as a weather-independent source of power and can provide backup flexible power.

LNG is the cleanest transition fuel towards lower emissions, reducing long term reliance on fossil fuels, enabling progress towards a low-carbon future.