BW Pavilion Leeara welcomes Pavilion Energy

21 May 2024 – BW LNG was delighted to host Pavilion Energy onboard BW Pavilion Leeara. Pavilion Energy is BW LNG’s JV partner and long-term charterer of four BW LNG vessels – BW Pavilion Aranthera, BW Pavilion Aranda, BW Pavilion Leeara, and BW Pavilion Vanda.

During Pavilion Energy’s visit to Singapore, both teams engaged in insightful discussions on heel management and cool-down processes to enhance vessel efficiency. The Pavilion Energy team also brought thoughtful treats for the crew onboard BW Pavilion Leeara.

With a fleet of 34 LNG vessels and FSRUs, BW LNG is honoured to enable greater energy security and resilience with LNG alongside our strong long-term partners, supporting progress towards a low-carbon society.

Photo credit: Toby Forrest