Ductor is a biotechnology company focused
on sustainable fertilisers and biogas.

About Ductor

Headquartered in Finland, Ductor is a biotechnology company focusing on sustainable fertilisers and biogas.

Ductor’s fermentation technology converts agricultural waste, such as chicken manure, into efficient organic fertiliser for large-scale farming and biogas in the form of biomethane to replace fossil fuel energy. Healthier soils and regenerative farming also contribute to less polluted waters. The company is committed to increasing agricultural biodiversity, enriching soils, improving watersheds, and enhancing ecosystem services.

BW is a major shareholder in Ductor, having participated in a EUR 28,000,000 funding round in October 2020. With this investment, Ductor plans to develop 200 new biogas and sustainable organic fertiliser projects within the next three years in the European Union and North America. Ductor differs from conventional biogas plants as its patented microbial technology and proprietary process enable biogas plants to use high nitrogen-content feedstock such as chicken or fish waste with much-reduced ammonium inhibition, thereby significantly improving the output and economics. This circular economy model will help significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from both the energy and agriculture sectors.