Cadeler secures preferred supplier agreement

Cadeler A/S, a key supplier of marine installation and engineering services in the offshore wind industry, has secured a preferred supplier agreement with an undisclosed client for the transport and installation of next-generation wind turbines, with a final contract value above 45 million Euros. The installation project will be executed by one of Cadeler’s O-class vessels featuring the new and larger main crane.

The agreement is made possible through advanced discussions with our strategic partners that took place in the early stages of the process and highlights the extensive relationship and close collaboration between Cadeler and its clients and partners.

The undisclosed project will be executed by Cadeler’s O-class installation vessel, which by the time the project is set to start, will have a superior main crane installed with a lifting capacity of 1600 metric tons at a radius of 40 meters.

Mikkel Gleerup CEO says: “This agreement further adds to an already strong backlog of work and is a testament to the strategic strengthening of our current fleet and the capability to install the biggest next-generation turbines for our clients and partners”.

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