Hafnia wins Tanker Operator of the Year 2022

Hafnia is proud to announce that we have won the Tanker Operator of the Year Award at the Riviera Maritime Awards.

The award was collected by Jørgen Thuesen, Vice President Technical who was a panel speaker during the two-day conference held in Athens, Greece.

Shortlisted against industry peers, the award recognizes Hafnia’s commercial success, environmental commitment, and progressive people policies in being a forward-thinking tanker company.

The jury described Hafnia as “The driving force in the consolidation of the product tanker industry through its acquisition of Chemical Tankers Inc and Scorpio’s LR1 fleet.” They also further commended Hafnia for its “pioneering approach”, notably in its collaboration with Clean Hydrogen Works (ACE) in the transportation of clean hydrogen ammonia to emerging clean energy markets globally. Hafnia was further commended for being at the forefront of industry efforts to decarbonise, via its adoption of LNG as a bridging fuel for new tankers as well as its partnership with Arq Fuels in adopting a novel waste derived marine fuel.

The innovative collaboration with F-Drones in Singapore additionally received applause from Riviera, in its aim to reduce CO2 emissions with the utilization of drones to deliver small packages to vessels.

Hafnia was also acknowledged for its special commitment to ESG by its efforts in making the industry more diverse, equitable, and inclusive, via its membership of the All Aboard Alliance and Mikael Skov’s position as Co-Chair.

The heroic efforts of the crew of Hafnia Shenzhen (Technical Managers MMS), were specially mentioned, following their heroic rescue at sea mission earlier this year. The crew of Hafnia Shenzhen successfully rescued an unwell rower, in distress during a rowing mission on the Atlantic Ocean.

In winning this award, Hafnia CEO Mikael Skov comments “This award is a true testament to the hard work and dedication of our wonderful team both onshore and at sea, the trust and partnership of our customers – and the confidence we retain from our industry partners in reaching new heights. I am very proud and congratulate my team.”   

The Riviera Maritime Tanker Shipping & Trade Awards are the only awards recognizing excellence across the tanker industry.

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