Hafnia Commemorates Day of the Seafarer 2023

Day of the Seafarer is on Sunday the 25th of June.

The Day of the Seafarer was established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in 2010 to recognize the unique contribution made by seafarers from all over the world to international seaborne trade, the world economy, and society.

In commemoration of the day – Hafnia is happy to share its ode to the importance of our Seafarers in relation to the protection of the Marine environment – created in collaboration between onshore teams and at-sea teams from vessels Hafnia Leo, Hafnia Nanjing, Hafnia Andesine, Hafnia Raven, Hafnia Express, Hafnia Aronaldo, Hafnia Bering, Hafnia Aragonite, and the BW Neso.

Thank you to these vessels for participating with their excellent point of views, with special recognition going towards Hafnia Leo, BW Neso, and the Hafnia Express.

The final video and script reflecting on the strength and expertise of our Seafaring team can be found on our social media channels: LinkedIn and Instagram.

The International Maritime Organization has set this year’s theme as seafarers’ contribution to protecting the marine environment, in line with the world Maritime theme “MARPOL at 2050, Our Commitment goes on” (more information here).

As their wider call of driving awareness to this topic, they have asked seafarers around the world to share a picture of their marine environments using the hashtag #OceansWorthProtecting.

Protection of our oceans as the human link aboard our vessels is in the capable hands of our Seafarers, – and we are proud of the initiative and proactiveness they take in making sure we as a company do our best in our commitment to protecting the marine environment.

Hafnia’s efforts to minimize our impact on the environment and biodiversity can be found in section 2.3 (page 60) of our annual report.