Hafnia: 2023 Wrap-Up

As 2023 draws to a close, Hafnia is pleased to provide an update on its Premier Pool Management offering.

With a fleet of over 200 vessels, comprising Hafnia-owned and Pool Partner vessels, Hafnia’s commitment to excellence in the tanker segment combines a nearly 14-year history of success in its Pool business with Hafnia’s forward-looking approach as a modern, integrated shipping platform.

Throughout 2023, the tanker market witnessed significant developments marked by varying levels of volatility arising from diverse market conditions and events. This volatility has driven Shipowners, including Hafnia, to seize opportunities during optimal market conditions, explore second-hand tonnage options, and implement fleet renewal strategies. In the face of a rapidly evolving tanker market, much of the focus from Hafnia has been to provide partners with updates on market developments, in the short as well as medium term.

Hafnia’s Pool offering spans across Specialized, Handy, MR, LR1, and LR2, as well as Chemical (Handy and MR) segments, incorporating its own vessels. This unique approach empowers Hafnia’s team to act as a strategic partner and ally during critical decision-making moments aforementioned. This collaborative spirit has been especially valuable during the higher volatility observed in the market between 2022 and 2023, as it has enabled Pool Partners to benefit from Hafnia’s intricate understanding of Shipowners’ multifaceted business needs, encompassing regulatory compliance, safety, and profitability.

When searching for a Tanker Pool Partner, Hafnia takes pride in offering unparalleled advantages to its members. The considerable size of the Hafnia Pool not only delivers substantial economies of scale, facilitating cost savings, particularly in bunkering costs, but also provides industry-leading operational efficiencies that enhance vessel performance, thereby boosting revenues.

With a strong global presence, including offices in Singapore, Copenhagen, Houston, and Dubai, and vessel coverage spanning the globe, Hafnia offers its Pool Partners extensive exposure to international trade routes and robust chartering opportunities. Whether working with Shipowners operating multiple vessels or single-vessel enterprises, Hafnia ensures predictable revenue streams through its Bi-Weekly Pool settlements, thereby mitigating the impact of market volatility.

In alignment with Hafnia’s commitment to operating as a responsible and transparent business, the company also provides its Pool Partners with precise vessel performance reports and weekly market insights. These reports have been instrumental throughout 2023 in maintaining a healthy and efficient fleet that is beneficial to the needs of Pool Partners, as well as keeping each member informed of current earnings along with market dynamics.

We are proud to offer a world-class Tanker Pool that reflects our commitment to operational excellence and profitability. Hafnia Pools sees itself as more than a partner, but a trusted ally helping fellow Shipowners navigate the complexity of the market that is here to stay for the coming years,” says Peter Kolding, VP, Head of Pools at Hafnia.

Key Team members of the Hafnia Pool Management team include Peter Kolding, VP and Alex Svolakis, GM. In 2023, the team welcomed its latest team member, Loukia Charalambous following her completion of the Danish Shipping Maritime Degree.

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