BW LNG: Collaboration with GNA – Gás Natural Açu, Brazil

BW LNG is pleased to support our world-class partner GNA – Gás Natural Açu, with FSRU BW Magna serving her long-term charter in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

GNA2 is an LNG-fired combined-cycle power plant, representing the second phase of the GNA LNG-to-power project. Unlike GNA1, an “emergency” plant which only operates during power shortages, the new facility will generate electricity for a minimum of five months a year. The project aims to provide electricity to 14 million homes in Brazil.

Alongside BW Magna’s 23-year charter with GNA, BW LNG will send gas to both GNA1 and GNA2 power plants. With a combined capacity of 3,000MW, they will represent the largest natural gas thermoelectric natural gas power generation complex in Latin America.