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Gas Solutions

BW LNG provides its partners with smart solutions that protect our customers against the downside while providing a higher upside. By leveraging our deep competence, our insights into the market, and our continued expansion of our strategic partnerships, BW LNG offers differentiated and integrated LNG solutions in areas such as small-scale shipping and LNG-to-power.

Through BW LNG, customers gain access to a diverse and comprehensive set of services, such as FSRU, FSU, FRU, barge-based solutions, and their associated mooring infrastructure. Once a customer communicates their cost, reliability, and timing considerations, we will work with them to identify, select, and creatively develop the optimal floating LNG import configuration. As part of the BW Group, we piggyback on the extensive capabilities of the Group to deliver reliable and trustworthy gas solutions.

At BW LNG, we empower people and communities by improving their access to gas and inviting them to participate in the energy transition.

Floating LNG import solutions

Compared to a land-based facility, floating LNG import configurations have many advantages.



  • Vessel size and regasification capacity tailored to fit project requirements
  • Reduced land-use impact and permitting risks
  • Lower upfront infrastructure capital expenditure
  • Up to 50% reduction in lead time
  • Full trading and redeployment flexibility

Examples of BW’s floating LNG import solutions

All of BW’s vessel management is conducted in-house, enabling us to maintain a high quality standard

Floating Storage and Regasification Units